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To Celebrate Its Six Month Anniversary DRagon Quest Tact Giving Out a Lot of Content

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Have you ever played the Dragon Quest Tact? This game is so fun and exciting. Many people like to play this game because it’s not overly complicated and anyone can easily play this game. If you are familiar with this game, then you must know that this game will celebrate its six month anniversary soon. Therefore, Square Enix has announced that there are a lot of brand new things that come to this game to celebrate its anniversary. 

It is a little bizarre because people rarely celebrate their six month anniversary, but it seems like Square Enix doesn’t really care about it at all. For this special occasion, they asked you to set aside the grammatical pedantry. They also want you to know that they are really excited to celebrate their anniversary and that’s why they will be giving you a lot of very interesting and awesome surprises. 

Because of that surprising announcement, many people are wondering what kind of new thing and surprise that Square Enix will be given to their players. Well, for starters they said that there are two new monsters that will be available for you to collect. The first one is the S-Rank Estark and the other one is the A-Rank Black Dragon. What an interesting surprise, right? Well how can I get those new monsters? If you are really curious about that, then you can find them in the limited time scout banners. Don’t forget to catch them all, if you want to win the game. 

Not only that, now you can get up to ten vouchers just by logging . This move also will make it a lot easier for you to catch the new monster. Apart from that, the Dragon Quest Tact will also give you another surprise in which you can try all the special missions that will lead you to get up to 4000 gems. 

Demon King Incoming 

Apparently, the party is not over yet because the game has already prepared some more surprises for you. This one is called a Demon King Incoming. If you choose to play this section, then the Demon King Descends will give you a rare opportunity to unlock the formerly time-limited S-Rank equipment. Beside that, you will also get the opportunity to find the infamous Underworld Sabre weapon that’s really hard to find. Therefore, you better be using this opportunity well. 

Well, don’t ever think that the surprise is over, because you will have a chance to get some extra boost that will allow you to puff up your coffers. For example, you can get a 2x drop rate for materials when you successfully complete every rank up quest. You will also get 1.5 drop rate ability upgrade tome when you successfully complete every ability upgrade. You can also collect 1.5 EXP in the daily EXP Quest. And last but not least, you can also collect 1.5 gold in the Daily Gold quest. 

Well, after they drop all of the new above things on their game to celebrate the game's six month anniversary, are you interested in playing the game? If so, you can download the game easily from the Google Play Store or RaJa APK You can download the Dragon Quest Tact wherever and whenever you are for free.