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The Zombie Mode Sets to Make Its Return to Call of Duty Mobile Very Soon

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Zombie Mode is a popular game mode to find in the well-known Call of Duty series. It offers a unique gaming experience away from the realistically story-driven gameplay of Call of Duty. Unfortunately, this game mode is no longer available in the mobile version of the game. The developer removed it at the beginning of 2020. No doubt, players are expecting its return.

Back in March 2020, TiMi Studios, as the developer of Call of Duty Mobile, decided to remove the zombie mode. The main reason was that this game mode failed to meet their expectations. Nevertheless, the developer promises to redo the game mode and eventually publish it back in the future. The time has finally come for that promise to hit reality. The zombie mode is back.

Fortunately, the developer may eventually bring this unique game mode back to the Call of Duty Mobile. There will be a new mode to play in the game, namely Undead Siege. It does not use zombie mode as its name, but the word undead signifies everything. This information is available on the official Twitter account of Call of Duty Mobile. Many players will have some fun with it soon enough.

More about this so-called Undead Siege mode in Call of Duty Mobile, there is a leaked trailer as well. Moreover, Activision teases this particular thing as well at the moment. Therefore, it will be there for sure soon enough. With this unique game mode, Android and iOS players can enjoy killing zombies with their arsenal. It is a fun game mode to play aside from the main game modes.

The so-called Undead Siege as the new zombie mode in Call of Duty Mobile is a survival play. Players need to defend and defeat the never-ending waves of zombies for five nights. There may not be new maps for the game. The outbreak will happen across the available maps in the game. Players need to gather supplies and equipment pieces to build their base.

Of course, the pre-set equipment that players have is available to use in this game mode. Nevertheless, it is crucial to use everything in the playing area for a better chance of survival. To survive the waves means that players will get some rewards. There will be as many as 25 rewards in total from this new game mode. Therefore it is a fun addition to the game for sure.

The rewards are available in several forms. There are weapons, skins, characters, and many more things. Those rewards will be available to use in the other game modes as well. So far, there is no