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5 Things That Makes Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Worth It To Buy

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Samsung S21 Ultra is a good option for those who are looking for a well-polished and refined smartphone. The design is better than the S20 Ultra. Indeed, you need more than just a great model to decide whether this device is the best option or not. Find out the details below. 


Samsung S21 Ultra has a refined design than the previous generation, although you can’t see any difference at glance. You are about to see a slab of glass and metal with a camera at a glance. The good thing is that everything is on the frame now. 

The way Samsung arranges the cameras in S21 Ultra reminds us of the Note 20 Ultra. The matte black color even makes this smartphone look like a classic mobile phone. Despite the classic look, the finish on the back is safe enough to touch. It is not slippery enough like other phones with a matte on the back.

The design also flourishes due to the cameras that blend with the frame in the top left area of the back. It is even considered a unique design since no brands use the same arrangement. The drawback of this phone is the weight. This smartphone is heavier than other flagship smartphones. 


Samsung uses Snapdragon 865 to support the performance of its S21 Ultra. This device leads to a smoother and faster performance compared to the previous generations. The performance is close to Oppo Find X2 if you need a comparison. It may not be the best from Samsung, yet this smartphone has a better speed and response than the previous series.  

Battery Life 

Samsung supports Samsung S21 Ultra with a 5.000 mAh cell. It is a strong battery for a smartphone. Because of that, Samsung S21 Ultra becomes a one-day phone in which you have to charge it every night. Remember that you are using the phone for browsing, updating social media, listening to music, sending messages, receiving calls and calling, and other things. 

The good thing is that Samsung offers a fast charging feature that can charge the battery 100% full in an hour and ten minutes. It is not the fastest one because some smartphones with fast charging ability can recharge their battery 100% in only 30 to 45 minutes. At least, this feature is useful if you need a quick recharge during the day. 


Samsung S21 Ultra has versatile rear cameras, along with a 12 MP sensor. The main camera and zoom lenses are stable enough. You can also get a great close-up shot result because of the autofocus feature on the ultrawide camera. Samsung introduces its new sensor known as ISOCELL HM3. This sensor boosts the quality of the 108 MP and 12 MP resolution. The camera is great during the daytime.
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Bottom Line 

Samsung S21 Ultra is better than Samsung S20 Ultra. Based on the overall specifications and performance, this smartphone is similar to the performance of the Note 20 Ultra. The best part is that S21 Ultra is applying the fastest chips on the market that boosts its performance over other smartphones.