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What You Need to Know about Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

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Back in May this year, Samsung officially released the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G. It becomes the first smartphone of the Samsung Galaxy A series that supports 5G. When it comes to appearance, the Galaxy A32 5G looks identical to the regular Galaxy A32. But there are still other differences. For example, the screen is larger than the Galaxy 32. Moreover, the security sensor used is also different. The Galaxy A32 5G’s internet connection is also surely faster.

This smartphone targets the mid segment, especially young adults who love to create content. Samsung stated that the Galaxy A32 5G is one of Samsung’s product lines with the latest innovation that comes to answer the needs of the young generation to maximize their hobbies. Keep reading to know more about the smartphone.


As it is said before, the Galaxy A32 5G looks almost similar to the 4G version when it comes to the design. The smartphone is wrapped in a full plastic material, both on its frame and back cover. The dimension is 164.2mm x 76.1mm x 9.1mm. While for the weight, the Galaxy A32 5G weighs 205 grams, quite heavy when you hold it. The most striking difference between the 4G version and 5G version is the screen quality.

Instead of Super AMOLED, the 5G version features a TFT screen, whose sharpness and brightness is far below the Super AMOLED featured in the 4G version. The screen is indeed slightly larger. It is 6.5 inches with 270 ppi density. However, the panels used are not as expected. Another downgrade is that Samsung moved the fingerprint scanner sensor to the side. Such a position is selected because the 5G version does not feature Super AMOLED panels so that it does not support the Under Display Fingerprint Sensor technology.

You can indeed easily access the fingerprint sensor to unlock the screen. However, the Under Display Fingerprint is way more advanced.


For the rear camera, the Galaxy A32 5G is equipped with 4 cameras consisting of 48MP main, 8MP ultra-wide, 5MP macro, and 2MP depth sensor camera. The 8MP ultra-wide camera can produce photos with a shooting angle of up to 123°. While the 5MP macro camera is intended for photographing objects from a very close distance, around 3cm to 5cm. There are some camera modes available, which are the night mode, portrait mode, and filter mode with AI.

When it comes to the camera, it is actually a downgrade. Because the 4G version has a 64MP main camera. While the 4G version has a 20MP front camera, the 5G version only has a 13MP front camera. The camera quality surely decreases, but the 5G version is still capable of producing good photos and videos. Moreover, there are still 3 other cameras that support video recording and photographing. Fortunately, this smartphone is still reliable for recording videos with up to 4k resolutions.
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As the name implies, the Galaxy A32 5G supports the 5G network. It comes in 2 colours, which are black and white.