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5 Reasons Why You Should Join in War and Order

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If you are a kind of person that likes to play games with many elements of myths such as orcs, elves, and mages you should join in war and order games. This game will make you experience an epic battle in the middle of the chaos. This game is suitable for you who likes to play strategy games. In this game you can find many tower defenses, castle buildings, and of course you will be able to play an awesome battle with a pleasantly earthy medieval setting and not to mention the fantastic effect. 

War and order itself has successfully attracted more than 50 million registered players since the game went live at the beginning of 2016. If you are not one of those players, here is the insight of the game. In this game you can build your own city, trade, train your own troops, create an army, and join the battle on a really large scale. If you want to find some alliances you can use the alliance system which will enable you to call your human friends for assistance to win the spectacular battle. If you are in doubt whether or not you will join the war and order, below are five reasons why you should consider joining it. 

Spectacular Alliance 

The first thing that you should consider is it’s awesome alliance. This game has one of the most useful and great alliance systems that is rarely found in a mobile strategy game. Through this system your fellow alliance members will be able to help you in a battle and they also can do many other practical tasks. This alliance system is also beneficial for you because once you are in alliance you will be able to use the Alliance Fort, Temple, Port, Tower and many more alliance related buildings. Not to mention, you will also be able to visit the Elite Mines, join in Territory Defense Battle, and so many more. 

A Flourishing Community 

Secondly, by joining this game you will be able to join one of the best communities around. Through this game you will be able to find and build a solid and strong community. You can find them through the internet where you can easily find countless forums, Facebook pages, Subreddits where you are able to share some of your experience, battle stories as well as crack the hardest part of the game. 

Battles Everyone Can Win 

Battles in War and Order are not only just to see the winner and the loser. Even though it can’t be denied that bringing the biggest army into the battlefield will give you a huge advantage, on the whole battles are still going strong and both of the commanders are making tough decisions about strategy, formation, summon the alliances, etc. But, in the end, the more you play the game the better you will get. It happens because the game that you just played will be able to encourage you to watch the battle replays as well as reviews, just like what you will do in the real battle field as a commander. 

Stunning graphics

Well, looks apparently are not everything, but they still mean a lot. This game is one of the stunning strategy games complimented with a crisp and bold user interface, colorful and deep detail without giving out anything in the way of functionality. As a result, you will be able to see everything clearly, and then command your troops with ease to fight against the stunningly animated three-dimensional rock monster and other beats run around the battle.
War and Order

A Blockbuster Soundtrack 

Camel Games knows perfectly that music is a massive part of the overall aesthetic effect. Therefore, this war and order game has a really cool soundtrack to make the game feel more real.  That is why Camel Games has licensed 22 spectacular orchestral scores from the top tier Hollywood music studios just for this particular game. Sounds awesome, right? Well if you are interested to play War and Order, you can download it for free on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.